5 Things To Love About Chloë Grace Moretz

Anyone who doesn’t already know of Chloë Grace Moretz must have been living under a rock, hidden away from pop culture and movies – but fear not, we’re hear to tell you why there’s just SO MUCH to love about the actress.

Even though she was only born in 1997, aged only 18, she has been starring in television shows and movies since 2014. Her earliest introductions to acting came in the form of minor roles in the Amityville Horror remake and Big Momma’s House 2, but it wasn’t until 2010 that she landed feet-first firmly on the ground of Hollywood.

Her role of Hit-Girl in the cult comic hit ‘Kick-Ass’ not only introduced Moretz to a large role in a major movie but also introduced the world to the fact that a child could be fowl-mouthed yet loveable. Since then, there’s been a Kick-Ass sequel, a role in Martin Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’ and the titular role in the ‘Carrie’ remake.

2017 is set to be another historic move for the actress, as she’s going to be playing Ariel in the live-version adaptation of ‘The Little Mermaid’. Recent news outlets have caused mild uproar amongst Disney fans as it’s been reported that she will in fact have blonde hair, and not the expected red locks.

Red haired mermaid or not, it’s another example of why Chloë Grace Moretz is going from strength to strength and in that honour, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the reasons why we can’t help but love her.

  • She has got social media networks down to a tee

Chloë emerged in popularity along the same time as some of the most prominent social media networks did, so she’s been able to perfect the way she interacts and updates her fans. She is an ace at replying to her fans and constantly keeps them in-the-loop with the latest things going on in her world.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that she’s an actual Hollywood star.

  • She’s a great sister

The dynamic that Chloë has with her brothers is the ultimate in life goals. Being the only sister in a family of four brothers, she’s been brought up with some strong and firm family values.

“No one will ever understand the dynamic of your family. Ever. We are the closest family ever, and we are the most insane family ever. It may look weird to others, but to us, it’s life.”

It was even reported that when two of her brothers were being bullied for being gay, she was the first one to stand up for them and have their backs. Saying at the time:

“No one should care what your sexual orientation is, what color your skin is, or if you’re a man or a woman. People would call them the F-word, and I would get so angry. It was really hard to see my brothers be hated on or bullied, so I stood up for them.”

  • She has strong beliefs

Her opinions and beliefs aren’t just limited to those that affect her inner circle of family and friends either, no.

Alongside standing up for LGBTQ rights, she’s also strongly spoken up about identifying as a feminist saying that she’s been a ‘feminist’ since birth after being brought up by a single mother.

Chloë has also gone on record to say that religion pays an important role in her life too and has also suggested that she may make a forte into politics in the future.

Also, sorry Taylor Swift, but she’s also anti-Squad too.

  • She’s level headed

It’s easy and evident that anyone who’s been brought up from childhood in Hollywood could lose their cool and go off the rails, but Moretz has managed to stay level-headed and stuck to taking her career choice down the sensible and ‘Grace’-ful way.

During a recent press tour at the Cannes festival, Chloë said that if she had the urge to go crazy or go off the handles, she would have done it already by now. Continuing:

“For me, I’ve never had the need to want to do that. If I could create a world where I just did my job, where I could just do that and not have to worry about promotion or parties or red carpets or anything… that would be great. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.”

  • Finally, she’s a fantastic and diverse actress

Seriously, she has already played a role in pretty much any genre of movie you may possibly be in the mood for. If you want dark and moody gothic horror then you’ll love ‘Let Me In’ or ‘Carrie’. If you are looking for the next YA adaptation then go for ‘If I Stay’. Indie fans will love ‘Hick’ whilst any comedy fans should seek our her multiple appearances in ’30 Rock’.

At only 18, her IMDB page is enough to make even some of the most established actors jealous.

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