7 perfect Halloween outfits for the office

This article was originally published on The Growing Up Guide, which has since ceased publication. The article has been archived here.

he witching season is almost upon us! Here’s seven Halloween outfits that are perfect for a dress-up in the office.

Luckily for those who work a nine to five job, Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year and there’ll be plenty of people around the world getting their spook on whilst at work.

Without sounding like a nagging grandparent, if you’re going to dress up at work then the first rule is that you’re going to want to make it practical and comfortable. Just because you’re able to transform into a skeleton for the day doesn’t mean you’ll be able to skip those long meetings or avoid making awkward conversation with Bridget from finance.

If you’re looking for some last-minute inspiration for your office Halloween outfit then, guess what… You’ve come to the right place! Here’s some spooky costumes to consider.


Okay, so a witch costume isn’t the most original of ideas but it is practical. Dressing up as a witch simply requires a pointy hat, and some form of black dress. – New Look have some great ones in that you can wear after the event. We love this one.

If you want to go a step further, you could borrow the cleaner’s broom for the day and apply a bit of green makeup to the face. You may want to step away from the makeup if you’ve got important meetings scheduled though…

Wonder Woman

2017 has certainly been Wonder Woman’s year, so why not cash in on her success and transform into her for the day?

Craft yourself a neat headpiece, a kickass shield, some powerful gauntlets, and a dress that the almighty Amazonian people would appreciate. You’ll be on trend and make a great impression.

Offred, The Handmaid’s Tale

Another massive success of 2017 has been the TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood dystopian The Handmaid’s Tale.

The handmaid’s costumes are quite like what you’d expect a pilgrim to wear, so think bonnets and robes. In the show, the main character’s dresses are deep red, representing fertility. If you can find a long-sleeved robe with a hood, you’re pretty much sorted.

Wild Animal

If you’re going to be sat at your desk all day, then you’re going to want something to choose a costume which is at least a little bit confusing.

Wear an animal onesie, and you’ll feel like you’re snug up in bed whilst at work. It’s guaranteed to make all your co-workers jealous, especially the ones that can’t quite sit properly because they’ll break their homemade outfit. We love this cute little lemur, but there’s a whole assortment of animals for you to pick from.

You could even grab yourself a simple headband with ears or horns on it.

Game of Thrones

There’s not long left to capitalise on the success of Game of Thrones, so make the most out of the show whilst it’s still around.

Daenerys really upped her game this season, so it’s the perfect time to unleash the dragon with a blonde wig and black dress. If you’re more of a Brienne, Sansa, Arya, or even Cersei, there’s plenty of kick-ass female characters in the show for you to choose from.

Zombie Pirate

Ahoy there! Pirate costumes are relatively easy to make and always get a good reaction. Why not get the scares going and transform yourself into a zombie pirate?

With a bit of face makeup and a few tears here and there of your outfit, you’ll be able to mumble your way through the day with minimal small talk and a frightful response from your co-workers.

Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Going as Belle is likely to be a popular choice this Halloween, and it’s also relatively easy. If you’re not wanting to go scary then could be the perfect costume for you.

Whilst many people may choose to go for Belle’s signature golden ball gown, why not switch it up a little and go for the blue dress and white apron outfit she wears in the beginning of the film? It’ll be recognisable Belle but just not as obvious.

What are you going as for Halloween? We’re DYING to see what costumes you’re planning to wear at the office Halloween party.

This article was originally published on The Growing Up Guide, which has since ceased publication. The article has been archived here.

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