A Definitive Ranking Of The ‘Work’ Pop Song

Thanks to Rihanna, working has become sexy again. But what’s the definitive ‘Work’ song?

2016 is the year of work – it’s official. Rihanna started things off with her mumbling collaboration with Drake, and now Fifth Harmony have returned to the workplace with their new single ‘Work From Home’. Both these songs made me question just what song could possible hold the title to being the best ‘Work’ song in the HISTORY OF ALL MUSICKIND, so I got my investigative hat on.

Thanks to a non-independently non-verified panel of about 4 people, I have all the answers you could possibly need.

Special Mention #1: Fifth Harmony – Work From Home

Work From Home’ was literally released days ago, so I feel like it’s a bit unfair to rank it. However, we all know that in about five years time we’ll all look back at where we were when this video was released. It will undoubtedly become the national workplace anthem for generations to come and we will all know the ‘drill’ dance routine off by heart.

Special Mention #2: After originally posting this, Natalie over at What If I Had A Music Blog (check it out, it’s an awesome blog!) got in touch to show her outrage that I had managed to forget Kelly Rowland’s Work. The song is an ultimate pop banger and is amazing in both its original and Freemasons remixed form. I’m eternally annoyed with myself that I managed to forget this classic.

6th place: Iggy Azalea – Work

No money, no family, Sixteen in the middle of Miami. Like her or love her, Iggy Iz has produced a fair few amount of jams so far in her short-but-sweet music career. Who can deny a bit of love for her ‘working on my shiz’ party anthem. The 2013 sleeper hit so far remains her 2nd best song ever, right after ‘Fancy’ of course.

5th place: Britney Spears – Work Bitch

Now get to work, bitch. Britney Jean may be a messy effort at an album, but it’ll forever be known for the gift of ‘Work Bitch’. This EDM club banger included a beat from DJ Otto Knows with instructional pieces sung by Britney. If you ever need some motivation to get the hell out of bed and do something, this is your go-to anthem.

4th place: Rihanna featuring Drake – Work

I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this song, however the song deserves its place if not only for being such an infectious earworm. I don’t have a clue what 85% of the lyrics are but the chorus and production are pretty stellar. It also helped kickstart the 2016 year of work, so credit where credit is due. Workworkworkworkwork.

3rd place: Missy Elliott – Work It

Nobody puts Missy in the corner. If you’re looking for a bit of work-inspired hip hop then you really can’t go wrong with Work It, her 2002 single produced by Timbaland remains her biggest hit in the US and it’s hard not to understand why. Rolling Stone also ranked it 25th in their 100 Best Songs of the 2000s chart, so that’s nice.

2nd place: The Saturdays – Work

When the Saturdays first launched on to the scene, they were expected to become just like any other lacklustre attempt at a British girl band and then singles ‘Up’ and ‘Work’ happened and they now rightly have their position in the history of pop. Being the 5th (!) single from their début album, ‘Work’ only managed to get to no. 22, but I’m sure they’re over it now. Maybe.

1st place: Ciara featuring Missy Elliott – Work

Many people tend to forget about the greatness that is Ciara, but I’m here to inform you that she has a good bangers under her belt. Her ‘shake your thang like a donkey’ anthem is addictive, timeless and full of energy and therefore is number one in the ‘Work’ ranking. Also, Missy Elliott really enjoys working doesn’t she? Sidenote: Wouldn’t it be amazing if Missy Elliott featured on ALL six of these songs in some capacity?!

It’s pretty interesting to acknowledge that the Fifth Harmony video looks like a homage to the Ciara video, doesn’t it? It’s like we’re going full-circle in Work-related anthems.

For all you spotify fans out there, I’ve collated a fancy little playlist together of all the songs mentioned so you can listen to them together. It’s definitely one of the best playlists I’ve made.

Disagree about something? (Outrageous!) Let me know what your ultimate Work-related song is.

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