Alaska Thunderfuck – Puppet

Hieeeeeeee, Alaska is back and ready to serve up some sophomore album realness.

Alaska Thunderfuck, star of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5 and All Stars season 2, unveiled the lead single ‘Puppet’ for her forthcoming second album ‘Poundcake’ today.

As you’d expect from Alaska, it’s dirty, tongue-in-cheek and incredibly catchy. Anyone who’s up to date with season 2 of All Stars will have already seen Alaska’s Poundcake aesthetic and she continues the look in the video for the song. I’m also completely living for the appearance of Roxxxy Android.

(For anyone wondering why it’s called Poundcake, it all goes back to season 5 where Alaska was teamed up with another queen, Lineysha Sparx, during a task where they created puppets. Theirs was called Lil’ Poundcake)

Music from Drag Race alumni is notoriously sketchy but I’ve found the likes of Alaska, Adore and Willam to be the ones constantly hitting the mark and setting such a high expectation for other queens who want to try their luck at a music career.

Alaska’s debut album ‘Anus’ is actually really good. ‘Your Makeup Is Terrible’ and ‘Nails’ are gay bar classics, so fingers are crossed that she can continue with ‘Poundcake’. The track listing looks pretty interesting, with appearances from RuGirls Adore Delano, Gia Gunn (Aaaabsolutelyyyyy) and Miss Fame. Check it out below:

1. The T (feat. Adore Delano)
2. Let’s Do Drag (feat. Lady Red Couture)
3. Slaytina
4. Stun (feat. Gia Gunn)
5. Puppet
6. “O, Brasil…”
7. Come to Brazil
8. Diamond in the Rough
9. High
10. Chicken (feat. Miss Fame)
11. Race Chaser
12. I Invented That (feat. Jackie Beat)
13. It Is What It Is (feat. Nick Laughlin & Jeremy Mark Mikus)

‘Poundcake’ will be released on October 14th 2016, and you can pre-order it on itunes here.

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