Are we all going a bit trigger happy on the internet?

Myleene Klass says no to mansion tax and someone gets real upset and sets up a petition to get her sacked, but don’t we just need to sit down and assess our ‘trigger’ reactions on the internet?

The past month has been rife on the internet regarding opinionated stars having opinions. First we had Dapper Laughs not causing a laugh with his sexist, rape-culture based ‘humour’ which inevitably and correctly resulted in his show being axed. Now, we have Myleene Klass banging on a bit about a thing called Mansion Tax which, surprisingly, is about those with mansions having to pay a bit more tax. Fancy that.

The reason I bring up these two separate stories is that they both link together in the scenario of us on the internet. We are given SO MUCH POWER on the internet to pretty much do and say whatever we bloody well want to. We can spark conversation and debate with people across the world who we would never originally have made contact with, this is one of the many wonders of the internet and what makes it so great. But on the other hand, we can spark conversation and debate with people across the world who we would never originally have made contact with. And here, I talk to those who use the internet as a platform to air their dirty laundry and to offend others via the term otherwise known as ‘trolling’.

Without the internet, these ‘trolls’ would probably be sat at home murmuring to themselves their harsh and hurtful comments in the comfort of their own home but now they are given access to take things on a much broader, wider platform – and this is when it causes trouble. It is hurtful to those victim to the troll and can also lead to criminal punishment for those accused of trolling.

Back to Myleene Klass: Today, I came across an article that described how someone had been SO OUTRAGED with her opinions that they had now started a petition to get the one-time I’m A Celebrity contestant and the nations’ favourite Hear’Say member to be axed from her advertising campaign and contracts with Littlewoods. All because she wasn’t afraid to express an opinion that, dare I say, has not hurt anyone.

Yes – she earns quite a bit more money than you and I and yes – she has a bigger house so therefore, on the scale of fairness, maybe she should pay a bit more tax but I struggle to understand how anybody else would agree to paying more tax without firstly going down with a fight. Nobody would be willingly like “well I do have a big house so Mr. Taxman, please, hit me with your extra tax by all means!”

The difference with this outrage and the Dapper Laughs outrage is that Dapper made things personal and hurtful to others, to people in the street or in the audience of his shows. He made people targets and played on things you should not joke about. Meanwhile, Myleene just says she doesn’t want to pay more tax and the internet explodes.

We all have opinions on tax and who should be paying what and when. Go to any dinner party and they’ll be someone itching to bring up the topic of money. Isn’t Myleene just expressing her opinion? An opinion on tax. It’s not like, say, an opinion on racism or sexism. It’s not like she’s outright proclaiming that certain members of the audience are asking for rape.

Agree or disagree with her, that’s not what I’m putting into question here. To me, it all just seems like we’re getting a bit trigger happy with our power and hold on the internet. Yes, we should still have opinions. Happily. That is what I love about the internet and platforms like Twitter. But I think we need to be careful of how far we step with it. At the end of the day, celebrity or not, she is still a human being: A human being that may be soon out of a job because someone disagrees with her opinion.

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