Donald Trump In Pokemon Card Form

Have you ever wanted to play Top Trumps or Pokemon Cards but with Donald Trump? Of course you have. Now’s your chance!

Donald Trump has put his name to plenty of products in the past. Whether it’s NBC reality TV shows, water, hotels, or vodka, he’s given them all the Trump seal of approval. One thing awaiting his approval? Trading cards.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Trump Trumps.

The starter pack comes with six fantastically diverse and controversial characters that’ll make you go “wow… just wow” and “REALLY?!!?”. It’s, quite literally, fun for the whole family. Grab them whilst you can!

Will your Punchy Trump come up trumps with Unapologetic Trump? Each character comes with its own signature move and original quote from the man himself.

Your starter pack contains the following six cards:

donaldcard1 donaldcard2 donaldcard3 donaldcard4 donaldcard5 donaldcard6


Thanks to Pokecard for this awesome tool, which I spent about 3 hours on.

Thanks to Gage Skidmore, Marc Nozell and Michael Vadon for their Trump worthy photos.

Thanks to DonkeyHotey for the awesome caricature feature image.

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