Is Stranger Things The Show We’ve All Been Waiting For?

Netflix’s latest show ‘Stranger Things’ is an array into science fiction. The show promises scares and nostalgia but does it hit the mark?

Set in the 80s, Stranger Things follows the goings-on in the sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana. When a 12 year-old boy goes missing, it’s up to his mother and the town’s police officer to find out what’s going on. Naturally, there’s more going on that meets the eye and not everything seems as it should.

The show stars Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, the mother of the missing boy, and David Harbour as Chief Jim Hopper. They’re joined by a stellar young cast, who play the friends of the missing boy and make it their mission to find out what’s happening.

Dustin, Mike and Lucas are eventually joined by a new addition to the trio of friends, in the form of the elusive and intriguing ‘Eleven’. What she has to do with the story and what she’s capable of will all be unravelled over time.

The show is packed to the brim of 80s references, which makes this show feel so special. Here you’ll find nods to Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter and Stephen King but, make no mistake, this show is very original and unique. It’s one of those shows that you think you have a pretty good grasp of what’s going on and then, all of a sudden, the table is flipped over on you.

The show is one of the shorter seasons of Netflix’s original line-ups too. At eight episodes, the show never feels like it outstays it’s welcome. In fact, I got immediately hooked and ended up watching the show over two days. The show will make you scared, excited, nervous, happy and sad all at the same time – and that’s what’s so great about television.

Whilst the show does answer many of the questions you’ll have, there will still be some left unanswered. Get ready to debate things with your friends. It’s hard to go too much into detail about the show, as what’s so great about the show is the mystique and the reveal so let me just tell you one thing: it’s brilliant. If you’re looking for your new favourite show, here it is.

The show is available now on Netflix worldwide and, as you can probably already tell, is definitely worth a watch.

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