Menrock: Time to look after the beard (Review)

Anyone who knows me will be pretty aware that I’m sporting quite the beard. However, it’s not just a bit of face hair – it’s something that needs to be treasured and treated right.

Whilst doing a bit of research for an article I was writing for another site, I came across a brand of ‘beardwear’ (I’m totally copyrighting that term) which looked fancy and traditional. Naturally, I was interested.

Menrock throw the celebrity endorsements out the window and believe that it’s all about repping the average Joe – the people who are actually going to be spending money on their product.

Anyway, flash forward three days and I have my very own box of beardy treats. I went for the nourishing beard kit, because it looked pretty, sounded nice and was also on offer (I’m cheap, so what).


The box contained 100ml bottles of beard soap and beard balm, a little pot of moustache wax, a beard come and, perhaps most important to some, a little packet of love heart sweets.

So, how is the product? I’ve been applying the soap and balm every morning and it’s helping my beard to feel nice and soft. My main worry with this product was that it’d not be suitable for my skin. Eczema is a bitch and because of this I have sensitive skin – there’s a lot of products out there that I can’t use. Thankfully, I’ve had no issues so far!

I’ve always had issues with my beard feeling a bit ‘worn’ and rough, so the nourishing kit was definitely something I had hoped to tackle this and it’s definitely done that. Another issue I’ve had in the past is finding how to style it so that it doesn’t look like I’e been living rough and the products have definitely been helping to avoid this gripe.


Anyway, I thought I’d write a little review. It’s not something I’ve ever done before, so thought I’d give it a go after trying such a great product. Full blown disclaimer time: I just want to make it clear that I’ve not been endorsed or asked to write this by anyone. I found the product by mistake, and decided to give it a go.

I reckon the menkind beard kit is definitely going to become part of my (pretty non-existent) morning routine. It feels nice and gives me more confidence about how my beard looks. For anyone else wanting to give it a punt, it’s available on quite a few various online shops. I bought my kit from Mankind for just under £30.

You can check out their range of products on the Menrock website.



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