Pokémon GO: Storage Hacks

It seems like everyone has Pokémon fever at the moment. Pokémon GO has become one of the biggest games ever, in only a short space of time.

When Pokémon GO was first released, I was pretty hooked. I spent all my spare time trying my very best to catch the very best and was even trying to catch the famous critters in my office. I have backed down on it a little bit now but every so often, I get hooked back into it.

Pokémon has always been part of my childhood. The video games and TV show pretty much took up all my attention as a kid, and I still play the video games now. It’s great to see it thrown back into the limelight in such an impressive and innovative way.

In terms of my own Pokémon GO game, it’s safe to say I’m not the greatest. I can’t take on gyms – One time it froze my app when I won and another time I just got completely destroyed. I’m still on the look out for a Pikachu too so if any of you know where there’s a Pikachu hotspot, be sure to let me know!

This infographic from Self Storage Finders has looked into all the tips and tricks you need to succeed as the ultimate Pokémon trainer. Whether it’s ultimate storage you’re looking out for or even if you’re wanting to know at what level you’ll FINALLY get to use Max Revives, this guide has it all.

Now what you waiting for, go catch ’em all!



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