Reviewed: MyMatcha Skinny Tea – What’s The T?

I was sent a sample of MyMatcha Skinny Tea to give a try. Here’s what I made of the healthy product.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m someone who relies a bit too much on caffeinated drinks, such as coffee and energy drinks. I use it as a ‘boost-me-up’ but, the high-sugar content should really be enough to make me want to stop.

I recently heard about a new line of matcha tea called ‘MyMatcha’, which is made from 100% organic matcha powder. I’ve heard quite a bit about matcha tea in the past, with its possible health benefits and nutritional value but I’d never actually gone as far as trying it (I think the closest I got was to have some form of matcha-based drink at Starbucks one time?).

I went for the ‘Coconut MyMatcha™ Skinny Tea’, which is made from 100% coconut powder a nd is ready to go. You treat it like you would a tea bag or coffee powder, and just add hot water.

I did notice that you had to give it an extra couple of stirs before the powder would disappear. According to the MyMatcha website, the technique of making Matcha is that you’re supposed to “whisk up in a zig-zag motion until bubbles appear in the matcha and top up” (I should have probably read that a bit earlier).

What’s good about MyMatcha is that it contains 137 times more antioxidants than infused green tea and only contains 35mg of caffeine per serving (versus coffee at 200mg per serving), this makes it perfect for anyone wanting to find a healthier and less-caffeinated version to coffee.

The tea has been designed to be part of a 28-day detox, alongside a nutritious diet and exercise. One thing I really noticed about the tea is how it gave me a proper boost of energy, without giving me the shakes that can often come from coffee.

Another thing I liked about the MyMatcha tea is how filling it was. I found myself replacing an afternoon munch with a cup of MyMatcha and realised just how well it kept my hunger at bay.

As I had tried the coconut flavour, I was surprised that I couldn’t really taste any coconut in the drink. If you want to know what it tastes like, imagine a slightly stronger green tea taste and you’re pretty much on there. There are other flavours available including original, Apple, and Raspberry.

I was really impressed with MyMatcha. It was a healthier alternative to coffee, that pretty much gave me just the same kind of energy boost I’d get from coffee. Matcha has been known to help enhance your mental clarity, amongst plenty of other health benefits, and I think those reasons are enough to convert me into a bit of a matcha fan.

Right now, MyMatcha are offering customers 20% off their first order. Enter code ‘NEWME20’ and try the product for yourself!

Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of MyMatcha to review on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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