RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars: Why I’m #TeamKatya

It goes without saying that there’s spoilers ahead.

The crowning of Rupaul’s next All Star is almost upon us, but just who will it be?

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars has been a great season – there’s been drama and there’s been, well, more drama. The end is nigh – but who will win? Only a couple of weeks ago, all signs were pointing at an Alaska finish. Whilst that is still an incredibly likely possibility, it seems that my Russian princess, Katya Zamolodchikova, is putting up a good fight.

At this point in the season, Alaska has won the most main challenges – four. Behind her, Detox and Katya are tied with three. Now, I do really like Detox (this season made me realise how great she is!) but if we look at the way the season has been edited, it’s possible to suggest that she’s not really a contender in the eyes of the producers. The amount of coverage that Alaska and Katya have received throughout the season puts Detox and Roxxxy at a sheer disadvantage.

Regardless of this, I’m a massive Katya fan anyway and I’m totally here for a Queen Katya reign. I’m here to discuss my argument for Katya winning. Here goes.

  1. She’s confident, she’s sexy, she’s stupid.

Yeah, why not?

2. She’s a natural performer.

3. Her friendship with Trixie is the ultimate goal.

If you haven’t yet experienced the utter brilliance of ‘UNHhhh’, then you need to stop whatever it is your doing and educate yourself.

PS. #JusticeForTrixie

4. Her commentary is off-the-wall and it’s brilliant.

5. Her Björk impression is quirky AF.

6. Her makeup tutorials are essential viewing even when you don’t wear makeup.

Allergy warning: You’re not good enough.

7. She’s just incredible.

The artistry. The elegance.

8. Finally, this slow split.

I’m #TeamKatya, have I convinced you to be too? (Like you really needed convincing)

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