The Best Video Game Merch to Bring Virtual Reality to Life

Virtual reality headsets are becoming more and more mainstream, allowing gamers to fully immerse in video games unlike ever before. But, if you want to exist in your favorite games beyond the headset, there are merchandise manufacturers creating amazing replicas of video game items; so that you can fill your home with gadgets, models and memorabilia.

Never quit the game, and grab some of this merchandise for yourself.


Probably the coolest piece of Fallout merch you can get is from ThinkGeek: and it’s a working Pip-Boy replica that syncs up to your Bluetooth device. When paired with a smartphone, you can receive your texts and calls, play music, and even make calls through this cool wearable model.

When you don’t fancy syncing it to your devices, it can be used as a cosplay item or an alarm clock. There are plenty of other functions and features, like working buttons and dials. Go check it out for yourself!

World of Warcraft

Besides the usual Pop! Vinyl figurines, comic books and trading cards, you can also get pretty awesome life-sized foam Doomhammers and the Axe of Durotan, perfect for cosplay or display. They come delivered in beautiful display boxes if you’d like to store them as collectable items, and are available from Forbidden Planet and The Sword Stall.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Virtual goods for CS:GO can be quite expensive, but offers replica knives for CS:GO for as little as $15. They look really cool, but remember that these are real functioning weapons, and should be kept safely on display only!


Zelda swords and shields are available from The Sword Stall, and look every bit as good as they do in the game. You can also get other versions of these from ThinkGeek, along with all the usual merch: keychains, clothing, mugs, even string lights featuring symbols from the game. ThinkGeek have a pretty cool, fully-functioning backpack exactly like Link’s – so if you’re after a new school bag, this is a neat option.


It’s fair to say that every single person on earth has been through a Pokemon phase, and there are plenty who are still obsessed, with good reason! With new games still being added, and Pokemon Go proving a huge success, the franchise is only on a trajectory to survive for generations to come.

Etsy has an enormous range of seriously cute Pokemon items for the home – like Bulbasaur and Oddish succulent plant-pots, and Pokeball Christmas tree baubles. You can find basically anything Pokemon-themed: have a look at the whole range (and support independent sellers)!

Kingdom Hearts

Sweet silver Kingdom Hearts crowns and key necklaces can be found on Amazon, making a perfect gift for lovers of the enchanting Disney game series.eBay has a selection of replica Keyblades in dozens of varieties, which will be amazing for your next cosplay or fancy dress party. They’ll make amazing wall mounts too. It’s up to you to decide what size and quality you want: some are life-sized and intricately made, while others are made of foam and just for fun. Prices range from $25 to $400.

Super Mario

For an injection of fun and color in your life, check out the funky Super Mario merch and memorabilia options online. There’s a really cute Chain Chomp lamp available at ThinkGeek for only $50! Get your hands on a Question Block moneybox from Argos that makes authentic noises from the game, that would make a sweet present for children, or anyone who loves the famous Nintendo plumber.

There’s also novelty jewelry, jumpers, keychains, hats, mugs, plush toys, board games… You name it, there’s Mario merch for it!

Resident Evil

Display your love of the incredible action-horror game series with an enamel Umbrella Corp pin badge for your coat, bag or t-shirt. To match, there’s also hundreds of Resident Evil t-shirt designs out there on the web.

eBay is full to the brim with insane Resident Evil props – pick up a briefcase full of virus vials for an amazing talking point in your home, or a selection of ID badges and cards from the games and movies.

Sellers are also claiming to offer real props used in the actual films… Go check it out for yourself!

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