What Will VMAs 2015 Host Miley Cyrus Bring To The Party?

Miley Cyrus has been announced as the official host for this years Video Music Awards so, what can we expect from the controversial star?

In true Miley fashion, the news of her hosting duties were broken via twitter unconventionally. She decided to don an alien suit to tempt the announcement before taking the mask off to reveal herself wearing a sandwich board with one side claiming “MTV won’t let me perform” whilst the other simply said “so I’m hosting this year’s VMAs”.

Her most noticeable appearance at the VMAs came in 2013 when she performed suggestively alongside Robin Thicke with some small pants, a skimpy latex outfit and, of course, a foam finger.

MTV are not known for picking hosts that will play by the book — previous hosts have included Chelsea Handler, Russell Brand & Puff Daddy — so it’s inevitable that producers are hoping she’ll play up to her name (although it’d be pretty funny if she actually played it serious) and cause some controversy.

Anyone who has ever seen a Miley performance or been to her ‘Bangerz’ tour will know just what Miley is like when she’s on stage. They’ll no doubt be a lot of twerking, tongue sticks and more than a handful of references to weed. They’ll also be a vast array of outfits, from the glamorous to the bizarre.

Miley Cyrus isn’t an completely strange choice for a host. She definitely has the stage presence required for the role and has experience on the camera from her acting roles to her guest appearances on Saturday Night Live. She has been a host on SNL in 2011 and again in 2013, where she was also the music star. Here she was able to show she was more than capable of handing a live setting and also showed her ability to laugh at herself – as she was able to take just as much of a jibe as everyone else. She also showed that she was able to not take herself seriously and had a carefree, ‘anything goes’ attitude to the jokes and characters she was given.

Miley is the definition of pop culture in 2015 so it’s an entirely smart choice to get her involved. She caused headlines in 2013 with her performance and she’ll be sure to cause headlines again, with her intent to cause controversy and shock value as present as it was back in 2013.

She’s not a completely strange choice, she represents today’s version of a rock n roll star and will no doubt have people tuned in to see her fail. But, she might actually do a decent job. She was one of the better hosts on her time with Saturday Night Live, and was able to show her ability to not take herself seriously – letting herself take as just much of a jibe as everyone else and seemed to have an ‘anything goes’ attitude to the jokes and characters she was involved with. Plus, she was also completely fine with Vanessa Bayer’s on-point impression of herself.

Being an actress, Miley knows how to compose herself and at least, if she’s not, pretend everything is fine. MTV clearly want to have a fun time with this year’s VMAs and who than the unpredictable and wild – just like the VMAs – Miley Cyrus?

It’s guaranteed to be a big ratings winner because, whether they like her or not, people will be tuning in. Some will be hoping she’ll do a good job whilst others may be hoping for a car crash performance. Either way, it’s sure to be off-the-wall, probably weird, unexpected and fun.

This year’s VMA ceremony will air live on MTV on August 30, 2015.

Personally, I can’t wait.

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