Who Should Play Cable In Deadpool 2?

Deadpool is the latest comic book incarnation to make the transition to the cinema. Even though it’s still in the cinemas, all eyes are on what’s going to happen in the sequel.

For anyone living under a rock, Deadpool has been the surprise hit of 2016 so far. Ryan Reynolds stars in the title role of Wade Wilson, an Special Forces operative turned mercenary who gets subjected to a series of experiments that turn him into the all-healing Deadpool.


Despite being not as widely known as his fellow Marvel heroes such as Iron Man or the X-Men, the film has managed to break numerous box office records including becoming the first R-rated film to open with over $100 million in its first weekend.

The sequel has promised to up the ante even more, and will have a new character in the form of Cable. The time-travelling character, who also happens to be the son of Cyclops from the X-Men, has had a bit of a rocky history with Deadpool. However, they previously teamed up for a Cable & Deadpool comic book series so the pairing could make for a great storyline.


Writing for the sequel has just begun so it’ll be a little while before any casting or production announcements are made, so whilst we wait I’ve decided to take a look at some of the actors who may make for a great on-screen portrayal of Cable.

Stephen Lang

Already being touted as one of the big contenders, you’ll probably best know Lang from Avatar where he played the villain Miles Quaritch. He’s got the hair and the build for the role of Cable, and he’s apparently super keen on the role due to the hints he’s been dropping on twitter recently.

However, Lang is due to reprise his role in the next three (yes, three…) Avatar movies which are all due for release over the next three years which are likely to take up a hell of a lot of his schedule. Although, both Deadpool and Avatar are produced by Twentieth Century Fox and TSG Entertainment so it is entirely possible that something could be arranged.

Likelihood rating: 4/5

Dwayne Johnson

The wrestler-turned-actor has forged out a pretty impressive movie career over the years. Known for his action-heavy roles, he’s never starred in a Marvel movie yet so could Cable be the role he’s been holding out for?

Any fans of Johnson may want to look away now as it’s doubtful he’ll be taking up any screen time in Deadpool 2. His schedule is fixed in pretty tight, not only does he have the Baywatch reboot and the next Fast and Furious movie to film but it’s also just been announced that there’s a San Andreas sequel in the works too. The cherry on top of the unlikelihood is that he’s also going to be starring in Shazam! which just so happens to be a DC Comics movie.

Likelihood rating: 1/5

Jon Hamm

From Mad Man to Telepathic Man, the star of Mad Men would definitely bring the charm to Deadpool 2 but does he have the brute force needed for such a role?

Jon Hamm is a pretty versatile actor. He’s been able to switch from dramatic roles to bringing the laughs when needed. One crucial factor that could lead to the casting of Hamm is that Rob Liefeld, the creator behind the Cable character, has given him the seal of approval for the role. It’d be a ballsy casting decision for Marvel, but he definitely has the star power to pull it off.

Likelihood rating: 3/5

Ron Perlman

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Ron Perlman teaming up for hi-jinx and mayhem with Ryan Reynolds?

Perlman already has a history of playing comic book adaptations, he is Hellboy after all. Right now both Hellboy and Pacific Rim, another action-heavy franchise, have been put on hold and stuck in development hell so it could be the perfect time for him to bring another big force to the screen. He’s definitely got the looks to pull it off however, he may not be the big-pull name that Marvel may be looking for.

Likelihood rating: 3/5

Gerald Butler

He’s played a Spartan king, the Phantom of the Opera and a dragon-taming Viking, could the time-travelling soldier be his next notable role?

Gerald Butler is still consistently starring in action-heavy movies, with Gods of Egypt coming up later this year. Whilst he’s not got the aged look that some may prefer Cable to have, he definitely has the skills and potential to play a convincing Cable. Although, Butler may prefer holding out for the application of the next James Bond.

Likelihood rating: 2/5

Mel Gibson

Could Braveheart be facing off with Deadpool?

Casting Gibson would be a very risky move for Fox and Marvel, as he’s nowadays more known for his off-screen behaviour but what other movie could pull off risks than Deadpool? It’s not your standard, everyday film and would be allowed to take more chances that wouldn’t normally pay off. I wouldn’t completely write it off, but I somehow don’t see it really happening.

Likelihood rating: 2/5

Clive Owen

It seemed that back in 2005 and 2006, Clive Owen was appearing in pretty much most big action movie. Since then, his star power has faded a little bit but thanks to his turn in The Knick, it could be the perfect time to bring him back to the multi-million dollar budgeted movie and Deadpool 2 may be the perfect role for him. With star turns in Sin City, Children of Men and King Arthur he’s definitely shown off his capabilities.

Likelihood rating: 3/5

Josh Brolin

This one’s pretty interesting. Brolin has already has a history of appearing in Marvel movies having starred as Thanos in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy and is also slated to appear in Avengers: Infinity War. So, why’s he on the list then? Well, he does play a CGI-heavy character role that makes his appearance pretty unrecognisable so it’s probable that he could play two different roles in the same cinematic universe. He’s got the charisma, looks and credibility to make him highly lucrative to Deadpool producers, although there would be big doubts on consistency and confusion within the audience and fans. Whilst he’d make a great Cable, it may make things a bit too tricky.

Likelihood rating: 2/5

So, there we have it. Some of my thoughts on who could be, or won’t be, playing the role of Cable in Deadpool 2. My personal favourite would be Ron Perlman, he’d have so much fun with the role. The most likeliest candidate out of this selection would be Stephen Lang, however the scheduling conflicts raise a big red flag.

We’ll have to see as the production stretches closer and closer.

Who are your predictions? Be sure to let me know – I wanna hear your thoughts!

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  1. CLAIR May 28, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    Like many of the talented actors on this list, Christopher Meloni is someone who can carry scenes better than most, and can deliver the type of urgency and precision Cable requires, especially in sharing the screen with Ryan Reynolds.


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